Great Blackjack Tipps from Experts for Beginners

Blackjack is a game that has good odds that are beneficial for those who know some simple rules. To win the game on the table, you can learn some Blackjack Tipps below.

Play with Basic Strategy

According to the gambling expert, it is important to memorize the correct way to hit, split, stand, as well as double down the hand. It will cut the house edge from 1% or 2% to only 0.5%.

The tips:

–       When the dealer has 2-6 and you have 12-16, you should stand.

–       When dealer got 7 Ace and you have 12-16, you should hit

–       You have to always split 8s and Aces

–       If the dealer got 2-10, you should double 11

–       Double or hit Aces 6.

–       You don’t have to memorize the basic strategy if you buy the basic strategy card.

Check the Up Card of the Dealer

It is important to do before you make an action. Is the card bad (2-6) or good (7-Ace)? You should take an action based on what the dealer got. On the other hand, you should avoid the first base chair when the dealer in rush. If you sit further, you will have more time for hand review and also see the up card of the dealer. You also should start small to estimate the situation; whether the dealer is in cold or hot streaks. So don’t play and decide too fast.

Never See the Gambler’s Myths

When you see other players’ good decisions, don’t think that it will give impact to your hand. You are a single fighter against the dealer. The dealer don’t know your hand and you also don’t know the dealer’s. So the only way to win the game is understanding the basic strategy well. And the last Blackjack Tipps; set the amount to lose and don’t limit the sums you can win.